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“There are many choices in L.A. for physical therapy, but only one place satisfied my pelvic floor needs AND my hip and back pain and that was Goodman Physical Therapy.  I’ve been to many manual therapists for my back, but Sonja was the only one who actually manipulated my body to help me get back in to my sports routine Pain Free, and Laureen and Deena were the best pelvic floor specialists I’ve yet met, and I’ve met them all from the Valley to the City.  My PT in New York recommended Goodman PT, but she had no idea I’d be able to get help with all my orthopedic problems too!  I can’t thank these 3 specialists enough for helping me get my body back at a time when no one else could.  They also have great Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructors, and Yoga and Massage.  Go to Goodman PT, your body will love you.
Jane B, West L.A./New York

"I am so impressed by the care I received at your clinic.  I was in pain and you got me in quickly, and my physical therapist Laureen was wonderful and professional.  I have a garage door business and needed treatment on my shoulder so I could do my heavy lifting again and I got relief quickly and was done in just a few sessions and can now work comfortably again.  If anyone wants to know more about your clinic they can call me."

D. Siegenberg

"I've been feeling so much better. I've been in a casual relationship with someone new for a couple weeks and for the first time in my life, I've been able to both tolerate penetration and feel comfortable voicing my needs and boundaries. It really is amazing to me. I suffered for over 8 years and the fact that after having sex I was able to say to him "I used to have a condition" was unreal."

"Thank you for all your patience and guidance. I feel so lucky to have worked with you. It really changed my life. It's also a great feeling to know that if anyone else ever suffers this way I will know where to send them, when for so long I felt completely isolated."

"THANK YOU soooo very much. You really changed my life and I feel I'm back to life again. I'm over my years long depression and stress and started enjoying life again."
Mariam N.

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